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User Experience Desgin

A real product is different from prototype and iteration is a big challenge. Google analytics is helpful for gaining a brief view of our current status, while interviews with each organizer can target specific problems. Moreover, I set up 15 minute coffee meetings with our loyal users to discuss how HackHub can be used to improve their hackathon experiences, and then brought my findings back to the product team.

Switch from Design to Product

After our MVP product release, I spent more time in meetings and communicating than doing UI design work. As HackHub is a user-centered design product, research that entailed collecting feedback from Google analytics, event organizers, and our loyal users, was a major task for me.

"The site was beautifully designed, and all of our student hackers loved the intuitive interface when submitting their projects. I simply can't recommend HackHub enough!"

- Ronit Tiwary

Product & Prototype

A real product is different from prototype, how to iteration is a big challenge. Google analytic is really helpful for me to have a brief view of our current status, and interview with each organizer will specific the problems, it helps us to improve our UIUX a lot. I set up a 15 mins coffee meeting with our loyal user, make the meeting like a friends talk, and discuss how HackHub can we improve hackathon experience, situations happen in their hackathon, take notes and back to product team.

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