EduHacks 2017

EduHacks is a 24-hour hackathon where talented students will be invited to form teams based on mutual interest, with the goal of integrating technology into the design of exceptional learning experiences. Projects will be judged not only on their scope and vision, but also for their ability to provide specific and quantitative outcomes. Over 24 hours, participants will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs who have passion for using technology to redefine education, bringing together practical, hands-on experience with the chance to connect with other talented individuals.

Stop Waiting. Start Hacking.

EduHacks is a hackathon organized by HackHub and Beifang Education Group. Our event slogan is Thinking • Educating • Changing • Hacking. Paper planes represent more than just creativity, and paper planes carry dreams. This is the idea of this logo, we let the participants fly their ideas to the hackathon, and make the dream come true through each team work.